About A Journey For YOU

A Journey for YOU is an interactive program designed to empower you to live your best life.


A Journey for You

“Empowerment, Alignment, Clarity”


I empower people to align their energy and clarify their life.  I work with people individually and collectively as a group to align their energy at the highest and most positive level.  As the energy is aligned in this way, the Law of Attraction brings in the matching energy (like attracting like).  The process helps people align with the essence of their dreams and goals, supports forward movement and achievement through grace and ease.


I do this by examining a person’s current energetic vibration and finding out where there are blocks, obstacles and stagnation.  I assist people in releasing and raising this energy through healing sessions, affirmations and other vibrational remedies.  These tools empower people and allow self-healing in any situation that may occur.


I co-create a healing program with you that is tailored to your life.  We assess the energy matrix of the situation and provide a healing plan through various vibrational modalities.  I am able to provide loving support through any life circumstance you are currently involved in.  With calm guidance through the healing process, you begin to encounter a life of joy and peace.  Deep levels of energy misalignment are identified and we work together to clear out the blockages and obstacles that are affecting your life.  I am able to send healing energy to you wherever you are on the planet and also give you tools for self-healing.


What kinds of people need my help? People who have a deep desire to become empowered and create a harmonious and happy life.  People who are stuck and are having trouble finding the next step forward.  People who want to attract positive energy as they take action towards their dreams and goals.  People who want to move through life with purpose.


How much does it cost? Service menu provided upon request.


What is the next step? I offer an initial 30 minute consultation at no charge. To schedule your consult, please use the information below to contact me.


I look forward to helping you create a life you love!


Shelli L. Speaks

Healer, Advisor and Life Coach

A Journey for You

“Empowerment, Alignment, Clarity”

951-329-1045 or shelli@ajourney4you.com

Follow me on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Journey-for-You/327885429306




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